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    Dani Bercovich
  • Associate Professor

  • Biotechnology - M.Sc. Program
  • 04-8181718
    • Human Molecular Genetics
    • Anumal Science
  • I received my B.Sc. (1986) and M.Sc. (1987) in mathematics from the Technion, and my Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Oregon (1992). I have been a faculty member at Tel-Hai College since 1996.

  • Prof. Bercovich specializes in performance of complex genetic screening of human genomic DNA. More particularly when the location of a genomic component is unknown, Prof. Bercovich is assisted in revealing new genes associated with human disease, by linkage testing techniques (genetic chips with SNP) or by Next-Generation-Sequencing of the entire human EXOM. Expertise was acquired initially during a post-doctoral period at the Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas, one of the five major human genome project centers.

    New gene mutations, identified in the laboratory studies of Prof. Bercovich, are commonly used for intracellular studies and identification of the biological effects they cause. In recent years, using genetic chips, Professor Bercovich has also developed new diagnostic methods. This included the development stages and final clinical validation of chips for prenatal screening and identification of common mutations. In this work, by careful planning it was found that predisposition to genetic diseases & cancers (mutations in Breast, Ovarian & Colon Cancers) could be revealed when using Fluidigm nano-chips enabling a higher density of Taqman reactions. Prof. Bercovich is expert in performing Comparative Genomic Hybridization (aCGH), which  is a molecular cytogenetic method for analyzing Copy Number Variations (CNVs)  to reveal ploidy level in the DNA and, for example, successfully used the method in leukemia single cells (Shlush et al Blood, 2012 ). 

    Current combination of advances in genetics research in general and human genetics in particular and the development of various techniques in laboratory testing, have led to a field of bioinformatics in which very high quality  laboratory work is key to performance in medical testing and the interpretation of results, both in research and in medical services.  With his state of the art knowledge, constantly advancing together with vast experience, Professor Bercovich is a world-recognized expert in Molecular Genetics and has published more than 64 peer-reviewed articles in high impact journals including for example, The Lancet. 

  • Prof' Bercovich is the head of the MSc in Bio-technology program and Is responsible for the field of genetics and lecture in these academic courses: Genetics & Principle of Genetics, Molecular Genetics, Animal breeding, Bio-informatics for Undergraduates and Gene therapy, Bio-technology in medicine, Human Genetics and advance course in Bioinformatics for MSc students.     

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