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    Eran Dolev
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  • Nutritional Sciences - B.Sc. Program
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    • Medicine
  • The neoplastic transformation in canine spirocercosis. Spirocercosis is a common disease of dogs. It is caused by the nematode Spirocerca lupi that induces the development of an esophageal fibro-inflammatory nodule that is transformed to sarcoma in about 25% of the infected dogs. Although this is primarily a dog disease it can serve as a model for helminthic-induced cancer in humans.
    The research is multidisciplinary and produced the following results:
    1.    Diagnostic criteria for differentiating between neoplastic and non-neoplastic disease.
    2.    Pathological scheme for the progression of the spirocercosis-induced esophageal nodule from early infection to cancer.
    3.    Characterization of the inflammatory response during the different disease stages.
    4.    Panel of biomarkers that can help in the diagnosis of the neoplastic transformation and may give a clue to the mechanisms that are involved in that transformation.
    Additional research topics (past research) include canine babesiosis (especialy the heart involvement) and preclinical research on Membrane Activating Chelator (MAC) for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.


  • •    1987 – 2005    Medical Ethics   Medical School, Tel-Aviv University  
    •    1987 – 2005    Medical History  Medical School, Tel-Aviv University
    •    2000 – 2012  Epidemics & War : Relations between, military campaigns and diseases along history. The Program for Security Studies, Tel-Aviv University.
    •    1992 – 1996  Water and mineral  metabolism.  School of  Nutrition Agriculture Faculty Hebrew University, at Rehovot       
    •    2005  Water and mineral metabolism. Department of Nutrition, Life Sciences, Tel-Hai Academic College.
    •    2006  Introduction to human diseases Departments of Biotechnology & Nutrition Tel-Hai Academic College
    •    2007  History of  Disasters Program of  Disaster Management, School of Public Health, Tel-Aviv University 


  • a)    Awards, Citations, Honors, Competitive Fellowships:
    •    1965  Israeli Urological Association Award for M.D. thesis on the subject :
    "Renal Tuberculosis : a study of 86 cases in a general hospital".
    •    1983  Dr. H Kook Scholarship for research work in the field of :
    " Jewish physicians in the Crusaders' Kingdom of Jerusalem".
    •    1984  The "Culpeper Lecture" in the history of medicine at USUHS.
     [The distinguished annual lecture on the history of medicine],
    Bethesda, Maryland, USA, October 19, 1984. The subject :
    "The Military Medical History of the Entebbe Raid, 1976".
    •    1985  USUHS Distinguished Visiting Professor Award.
    •    1986  USUHS Medal for Distinguished Service.

    b)    Competitive and Non-Competitive Research Grants :  
    •     1987  The Rekanaty Grant for research in : Zn homeostasis during aging.    
    •    1995    The Sapir Grant for research in : Nutritional profile of dancers who combine  gymnastics with theatrical elements. 

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