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  • Dr.

    Ohad Nerya
  • Senior Teacher

  • Food Sciences - B.Sc. Program
  • 0507969025
    • Agriculture
    • Environment
    • Plant Pathology
  • I am an active researcher in the field of fruit and vegetable handling after harvest and am considered an authority in the field. As part of the research work carried out by me and by my laboratory staff,  more than 50 research projects are done per year on a variety of fruits and vegetables (14 kinds), specializing in the physiology and pathology of the product after harvest and field factors that may affect the quality. Each and every one of the studies carried out while maintaining the highest level of scientific and statistical processing includes research reports, and articles serve the whole agriculture of Israel.

  • I am a lecture of the courses: “Principles of Food technology laboratory”, “Food analysis A+ B laboratory”, “General and Inorganic Chemistry", "Storage of Fruits and Vegetables" &  “Introduction to Modern Agriculture". 

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