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  • Prof.

    Snait Tamir
  • Associate Professor

  • Nutritional Sciences - B.Sc. Program
  • 04-8181720
    • Human Nutrition and Health
    • Nutritional Biochemistry
  • •    Endothelial Dysfunction and CVD related diseases
    o    Phytoestrogens, as protective factors of the cardiovascular system in diabetes
    o    Post-translationally modified proteins as biomarkers for CVD in diabetes and CKD.
    •    Characterization of natural compounds for the treatment and prevention of skin inflammatory disease 
    •    In the field of human health, we are dealing with the prevention and management of weight-related problems in children and adolescents.


  • Human Nutrition, Dietetics, Seminar in Human Nutrition , Community Nutrition, Drugs-Food Interactions, Scientific writing, Seminar 1+2 in the Nutrition Sciences M.Sc program.



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