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  • Dr.

    Tamar Arieli
  • Senior Lecturer

  • Multidisciplinary Studies - B.A. Program
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  • tamar.zemach@yahoo.com
    • Conflict Management and Negotiation
    • Local government and and regional planning
    • Borders and border regions
  • I am a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Education and Gender Studies Program at Tel Hai College, Israel. Motherhood, critical feminist methodology, feminist and critical pedagogy and education art sociology, cultural studies, fiction and academic writing, multiculturalism and the nuclear debate are core issues of my academic research, writing, teaching and social activism. I am the founder and the former co-director of the college's center for Peace and Democracy (today the center of multiculturalism) whose mandate is to academically and administratively develop and implement a vision of social diversity for the college. I published in 2000 a book of short stories A perfectly Ordinary Life (in Hebrew) and in 2012 I published another book, Malice Aforethought (in Hebrew), in which I attempt to reconstruct the elusive biographies of two English working class mothers who killed their babies at the end of the 19th century.  Currently I am researching the lives of two artists' models in 19th century Britian.. 
    My courses address motherhood, sociology of culture, qualitative research, fictional and academic writing, multicultural art and education, dialogue, radical pedagogies, peace education, children literature and activism. Over the years I have been the head of several programs in the Education Department: 2002-2007 - "Democracy and Peace Program", 2008-2009 - "Initiatives and Alternatives in Education Program", 2014-2015 - " Integrating Art in Education Program" and currently - "The Social Education Program".

  • I examine the institution of motherhood as a mechanism of control on women's reproduction and their children's rearing practices. I am currently exploring the cultural image of the "bad mother" in contemporary Western culture, while addressing my own experience with this label.
    My study on critical feminist methodology explores the way in which narrative inquiry (authoethnographies, stories, autobiographies, journals, letters, interviews) challenges the academic hierarchy of knowledge, while providing agency for marginal oppressed groups.  
    My investigation of models of multicultural academia – academia which takes advantage of ethnic, national and class diversity promoting equality and social justice - involves a long term examination of complex institutional efforts to turn Tel Hai College into a multicultural campus. This study also addresses various intersections between forms of oppression, domination or discrimination in academia. 
    Exploring forms of critical and feminist pedagogy and activism, I look at new methods of teaching which stress the importance of dialogue between teacher and students and among the students themselves. This line of research also addresses the way in which educational processes mobilize individuals and groups into activism for social change.
    My research in cultural studies looks at the way in which various art forms (paintings, photography, literature and the cinema) represent social and political realities in different periods.  I am currently engaged in exploring the lives of two 19th century models who sat for the early Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron.
    My continuous inquiry into the nuclear debate - based on my doctoral dissertation - examines the way in which stories addressing the use of nuclear weapons played a part in either promoting or opposing the nuclear arm race in the US and the UK during the 20th century. 


  • 2009-2010 - I began teaching in Tel Hai College and eventually advanced to head the Conflict Management program where I teach a variety of undergraduate courses:
    o    Spatial planning and conflict 
    o    Border Regions and National Peripheries in Transition 
    o    Conflict Management: From Theory to Practice 
    o    What is Sustainability? 
    o    Local Conflict-Global Conflict research seminar
    o    Conflict Management in Business

    2010-2011 as a visiting scholar, I taught at the Jewish Studies Department of University of Indian, Bloomington:
    o    Israel-Arab Conflict and Prospects for Peace
    o    International Perspectives of Environmental Challenges 
    o    Social Conflict in Contemporary Middle East 

    2015 I teach an undergraduate seminar at the Lauder School of Government, Diplomacy and Strategy, Interdisciplinary Center,  Herzliya:
    o    Transitions from Conflict to Peace: Borders and border regions


  • Research Grants   

    2015    Tel Hai College research Grant                                                     $3500

    2012    Tel Hai Research Center – Grant                                                   $2500
    2007    Tel Aviv Institute of Diplomacy and Regional Cooperation            $5.000

    Awards and Fellowships   
    2010    Tel Hai College - Excellent Lecturer Award    
    2005    Presidential Scholarship, Bar Ilan University                                  $40,000
    2002-2003    Beit Morasha, Jerusalem                                                     $12,000 
    Recipient of fellowship for Talmudic studies and research                


    2005 Royal Geographic Society - Flows and Spaces in a Globalized World Conference                                                        The Jericho Casino as a Unique Border Phenomenon”,  London.

    2006   University of Texas, El Paso – UTEP- Lineae Terrarum International Borders Conference                                                 "Conflict Management at Border Enterprises", El Paso

    2008 Hebrew University - Fourth Annual Conference in Political Science, International Relations and Public Policy in the memory of Yitzhak Rabin                                                                                                                                                  "Local Interests and the National and Regional Governance of the Israel-Jordan Border Region",  Jerusalem.

    2008 International Association of Conflict Management                                                                                                       "An Evaluation of Israeli-Arab Cross-Border Interaction",  Chicago.

    2012 Ben Gurion University - 5th Annual Conference of ICQM – Israeli Center for Qualitative Research of People and Societies  “Methodological Challenges of Research in Conflict Environments” Israel.

    2012 Conference of the Association of Borderlands Society (ABS):  Today's Challenges and Tomorrow's Prospects                    "Borders of Peace in Policy and Practice",  Lisbon.

    2014 First World Conference of the Association for Borderlands Studies (ABS): “Post-Cold War Borders: Global Trends and Regional Responses”                                                                                                                                                    Regional Borders:  The Challenge of Local Government Cross-Border Cooperation in National Peripheries”,  Joensuu, Finland.

    2014 British Association for Jewish Studies                                                                                                                    "Borders and Bordering in Jewish Geopolitical Space"  , Dublin.

    2014 Sealed Gate - Prospects of the Sealed Turkey Armenia Border                                                                                 "When an Open Border is not Enough", Political Science Department, University of Ankara, Turkey

    2015  Ben Gurion University - Borders at the Interface – Bordering Europe, Africa and the Middle East                                      "On Borders and Securitization", Israel

    2015 Gdansk University, Department of Economic Geography Department Seminar                                                    Dilemmas of Securitization and Borders: Reflecting on 20 Years of Israel-Jordan Peace  (invited lecture), Poland