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  • Dr.

    Rona Nadler Valency
  • Animal Science - B.Sc. Program
  • Growing up I believed I could aid wildlife through medicine. I graduated veterinary school in 2007 after spending each summer doing various voluntary work with wildlife at different zoos and in the field (South Africa). After vet school I travelled to Kenya to assist in lion research and incidentally operated a local primate rescue center (Colobus Trust), where I was introduced to human-wildlife interactions. Once I returned to Israel, I was fortunate to be part of the founding years of the Israeli Wildlife Hospital which treats thousands of wildlife casualties each year. However, medicine was not enough to alleviate the pain I felt wildlife was experiencing as a cause of interactions with humans. I searched (still am) for a higher point of influence. I began studying reconciliation ecology and am currently involved in research and creating projects dealing with human-carnivore (hyaena and wolf) interactions and conflicts within the course of my PhD studies. I am a lecturer at Tel-Hai Academic College and also the manager and veterinarian of the Agamon Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, a Tel-Hai and KKL joint project.

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