faculty member

  • Dr.

    Tamar Arieli
  • Senior Lecturer

  • Multidisciplinary Studies - B.A. Program
  • 054-5614062
  • tamarari@telhai.ac.il
  • Tamar is a  political geographer. Her main research interests are in spatial planning and policy. Her work focuses on border regions, on regional-based developmental strategies of local governments, and on the potential of local and cross-border cooperation between neighboring communities.

  • Tamar Arieli is a graduate of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Geography) and Bar-Ilan University (Conflict Management). She is also a graduate of the Bet Morasha Program (Talmudic Studies). In the process of her doctorate studies, she was granted a Bar-Ilan Presidential Fellowship, and a research grant from the Institute of Diplomacy and Regional Cooperation of Tel Aviv University. Dr. Arieli heads the Conflict Management Program at the Tel Hai College.

  • My academic background is in political geography and regional planning. Borders and national peripheral regions have been my main area of research. My past research has focused in economic and environmental developments along Israel's borders. Currently I am interested the challenge of development and social integration in peripheral regions, which I examine through fieldwork in Jewish and Arab towns and villages as well as local and national government policy analysis.

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