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  • Dr.

    Boaz Shacham
  • Teacher

  • Animal Science - B.Sc. Program
    • Herpetology - Reptiles and amphibians, with focus on the herpetofauna of Israel, emphasizing geographic distribution, ecology and behavior in the field, conservation aspects.
    • Coastal sand ecosystems in Israel - Emphasizing monitoring efforts of small vertebrate populations (reptiles and rodents), as models for understanding the ecosystem and examination of management actions needed for its sustainable conservation.
    • Nature conservation in Israel - Active involvement in monitoring efforts and data collection on Israeli wildlife populations, management actions, monitoring anthropogenic effects, education of the general public and community activism.
  • BScMed degree (1995) at the Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Dental Medicine, founded by the Alpha Omega fraternity. 
    MSc degree (2004) in Evolution, Systematics & Ecology (ESE), at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, thesis title: "Polymorphism in the schokari sand snake (Psammophis schokari) in the coastal sand dunes of Israel", supervised by Prof. Yehudah L. Werner.
    PhD degree (2011) in Life Sciences, at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev, thesis title: "Dune management and reptiles: Implications for habitat reconstruction and conservation strategies", supervised by Prof. Amos Bouskila.
    Since 1996, guiding with the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (SPNI), mainly field biology, ecology, zoology and nature conservation themed excursions and field trips.
    From 1999-2004, coordinator of ecological guiding at the Shiqmim Field Study School at Nizzanim (SPNI).
    Since 2001, teaching life sciences courses (mainly ecology and zoology) at various colleges, including for instance Hemdat HaDarom teachers' college in Netivot. 
    Since 2001, manager of the Herpetological Collection, at the National Natural History Collections (NNHC) of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
    From 2005-2009, teaching assistant in various life sciences courses at Ben Gurion University of the Negev.
    Independent lecturer since 1996 in various capacities.
    Since 2012, teacher in the Animal Science BSc program at Tel Hai Academic College.
    Since 2014, teacher in the International MA in environmental sciences program at Tel Aviv University.
    During 2015 teacher at the Kibbutzim College (SMKB) in the program for BA in education, faculty of sciences.

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