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  • Dr.

    Omer Lans
  • Lecturer

  • Social Work - B.A. Program
  • 052-2734249
    • Psychotherapy
    • Therapy with specialization in Marital therapy
  • Currently, I am a Senior Lecturer in the Psychology and Education Departments in Tel-Hai College. Head of the Physiology & Behavior laboratory  in the Psychology department. In paralel, I am a research associate in the developmental Psychopatological lab. in the Department of Psychology at the University of Haifa where I did my Post-Doc internship. During this period I have been trained in humans clinical research, in both young (8-17YD) and adult (18+YD) subjects, using physiological and neural methods. My research mainly focuses on fear learning, attention and the development of pathological anxiety. My previous research experience focused on the development of a novel approach to animal models of psychopathologies. Specifically, my Ph.D. involved individual behavioural profiling and the establishment of an in vivo electrophysiological systems approach to examine activity and plasticity in emotional networks in the rodent brain.  

  • 2012- present   Tel Hai Academic College, School of Social Work,  Lecturer

    2000 -present   University of Haifa, School of Social Work, Adjunct Teacher

    2012-present   Bar Ilan University, School of Social Work, Adjunct Teacher

    2000-2005   Oranim College. Center for Education & Social Studies, Lecturer

    2004-2011  Hebrew University, School for Psychotherapy, Lecturer

    2006-2010  Kibbutz Seminar College, School Of Art Therapists, Lecturer



  • 2004












    Outstanding Lecturer Award, selected by students at Haifa University


    Peleg Beyling Center for Research on the Quality of Couples and Families Relationships, Bar Ilan University - Research scholarship.


    University of Haifa. "The Mairoff Award"- for student excellence


    University of Haifa.  "The Adler Award"- for student excellence


    University of Haifa. "The Folex Award"- for student excellence



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    1997    Ministry of Education Conference, Dept. of Special education, “From depression to discussion – Sensitive steps in the encounters between special needs children and the caretaker”

    ATID, Israeli Dieticians Society, “The effect of emotions on difficulties and eating disorders”

    Treatment of violence in teens, “Roots of aggression and various methods of expression in teens 

    Conference of the Israeli Society for Treatment of Couples and Family, “Mirroring in couples”

    The “Peleg Beyling” Annual conference for Research on the Quality of Couples & Family Relationships,  “The link between differentiation of the self and couple jealousy”

    The “Sdamot” Conference, Oranim College, “Innocence & modification in the clinical arena”

    “ITAM”- The Israeli Association for sexual therapy,  “The link between  gender  & couple jealousy”

    The Annual Israeli Social Work Conference, “The family context of 
    sexual abuse disclosure by children” 

    ISPCAN- International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect, “The social context of sexual abuse disclosure by children”