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  • Dr.

    Zeevik Greenberg
  • Senior Lecturer

  • Galilee Studies - M.A. Program, Human Services - B.A. Program, Multidisciplinary Studies - B.A. Program
  • +972-54678-0065
  • greenbrg@telhai.ac.il
  • Human Geography

    Economic Geography

    Cultural Geography

    Rural Development


  • I received my Ph.D. in Human Geography at the University of Haifa. My PHD was on organization changing in rural area after the economic cries on the middle of 90th. I'm a senior lecture and my research area mainly focuses on rural area development. My projects is on: Extension neighborhoods in Kibbutzim, New Immigrants to rural area. economics and entrepreneur. Cultural Geography and the local stories in communities.
    I'm head of Human Resources Department, and in these three years I am the Head of Consortium SILICE by Erasmus+ https://www.silice.eu In this Project we promote the Innovation thinking in Academy and create new Innovation Hubs in nine Academic Institute in Israel and India./
    In the last years I am advises to comities of some of the regional municipalities in northern Israel and the ministry for development of the Negev and Galilee, dealing with re-defining and re-structuring of rural communities.

  • Human Geography
    Economic Geography
    Immigrant and Extension Neighborhood in Rural Villages
    Entrepreneur in Rural Area
    Rural Development

  • Human Geography

    Geography of settlement in the Galilee

    Human Services

    Regional Geography


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