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  • Dr.

    Zeevik Greenberg
  • Senior Lecturer

  • Galilee Studies - M.A. Program
  • +972-4-8181620
  • I am a geographer by training, and I specialize in human and social geography. In recent years, my academic research has focused on social and economic development in peripheral areas, the development of rural communities, and the development of small businesses in rural areas. One of my most recent studies revolved around of the development of small businesses in rural communities, and the differences between small businesses in the center of Israel and their equivalent in the periphery.

    In addition, I have also studied the construction of collective memory.

    Over the last couple of year, I have been taking part in an EU research concerning the academia’s commitment to the community, with the aim of promoting higher education. As part of this project, I am currently studying the difficulties in making higher education accessible for first-generation students, minorities and single mothers.

  • Head of the Human Recourses department. Lecturer at the Department of Multidisciplinary Studies, the Department of Education and the Program of Galilee Studies. Head of Tel-Hai group Esprit project at the Erasmus EU.


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