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  • Prof.

    Avihu Ronen
  • Associate Professor

  • Galilee Studies - M.A. Program, Multidisciplinary Studies - B.A. Program
  • 972-52-5859-361
    • Holocaust studies
    • Philosophy and Logic
    • History of Ideas
    • Leadership Studies
  • Holocaust studies;

    History of ideas;

    Leadership studies.




  • 1995

    Faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew University (BA Studies)

    Philosophy of Science.


    Oranim College (B.Ed. Studies)

    Courses: Critical Thinking and Education, Jewish Identity, Humanism vs. Racism in the Twentieth Century, Introduction to Holocaust .Studies for Arab Teachers.

    1996 – present

    Tel Hai College (BA studies)

    Courses: Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Education, Political Philosophy, Logic, Introduction to 20th Century culture, Leadership Theories, The great Ideologies, The Eretz-Israeli Society during the Holocaust, The Memory of the Holocaust in Israeli Society.

    1998 – present

    Haifa University, (MA Studies)

    Courses: Intellectuals and the Holocaust, Jewish Youth Movements 1913-1950, Jews and Revolution, Autobiographies of Holocaust Survivors.

    2008 – present

    Tel Hai College (MA studies)

    Course: Research and Theory

    2015 - present

    Tel Hai College (MA studies)

    Course: Social Radicalism in the Galilee.

  • 1986

    The Raul Wallenberg Award, Tel Aviv University.


    Yad Vashem Award.


    Venezuela Scholarship, Tel Aviv University, for the Ph.D. dissertation: The Jews of Zaglembie during the Holocaust, 1939-1943.


    Weitzman Institute for the Study of Zionism and Israel, Tel Aviv University, Scholarship for The Battle for Life: Hashomer Hatzair's Underground in Hungary, 1944.


    Egit Fund of the Histadrut Haklalit Prize for Third Person, Singular: Biographies of Youth Movement Activists during the Holocaust.


    Haifa University research and teaching grant.


    The Jewish Agency and the United Magbit in Canada, Scholarship for the advancement of research in Eastern Galilee.


    Tel Hai Academic College, Excellence in teaching award.


    Research Fellowship awarded by the Diana Zborowski Center for the Study of the Aftermath of the Holocaust of Yad Vashem, for my work, "The Image of the 'Survivor' in the Kibbutz Press, 1950-1969."


    Bahat Award for Breakthrough Manuscripts, Haifa University, Condemned to Life: The Diaries and Life of Chajka Klinger.


    The Yad Vashem International  Book Prize for Holocaust Research: Condemned to Life: The Diaries and Life of Chajka Klinger.


    Tel Hai Academic College, Excellence in teaching award.

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  • 1988

    "Youth Movements in Poland during Second World War", Tel Aviv University and Yad Yaari, 5.12.1988: "Youth Culture and the Idea of Self Defense in Zaglembie".


    The 10th International Congress for Jewish Studies, Jerusalem 20.9.1989: "Judenrat and Youth Movements in Zaglembie".


    "Wer zum Leben, Wer zum Tod", International Symposium of the Judische Museum Frankfurt and the Evangelische Akademie Arnoldshain, Frankfurt, 26.5.1990:  “Institutions, Politics and Identity of the Jewish 'Self-Government’ In the Ghetto – A Case Study of Zaglembie”.

    "Everyday Life during the Holocaust", The Strochlitz Institute for Holocaust Research, Haifa University, June 1990: “Everyday Life in Schmelt Organization’s Forced Labor Camps"


    International Teachers' Symposium of the Frankfurt Lern-und-Dokumentationszentrum des Holocaust, Wiesbaden-Naurod, 5.3.1992: “The Changing Attitudes towards the Holocaust in Israeli Society”.


    "The Ghetto Revolt", The Strochlitz Institute for Holocaust Research, Haifa University, 3.9.1993 (with Dr. Yosef Hadar): "Youth Movement Activists and The Ghetto Revolt Idea: Historical and Psychological Aspects".

    The 4th Conference of Kibbutzim Studies, Givat Haviva, 14.12.1993:  "Communes in Auschwitz".


    “Genocide and Rescue in Hungary, 1944”, international conference, Institute of Contemporary History and Wiener Library, London, 16.4.1994: “The Battle for Life: Zionist Youth Movements and Anti-Nazi Resistance in Hungary, 1944.”


    "Forty Years Since the Attack on Ziganeria", Ghetto Fighters House, 23.12.1996: "The Main Characteristics of the Jewish Woman Fighter in the Holocaust".


    "Children's Literature in Germany", A Conference of Ghetto Fighters House, 12.2.1997: "Little Erich and Grandma's Advice: The Silence of Erich Koestner during the Nazi Regime in Germany".

    "Holocaust Representations in Art", The Strochlitz Institute for Holocaust Research, Haifa University, Ghetto Fighters House, 6.10.1997: "The Artists of Terezinstadt".


    "Spiritual Resistance", The Strochlitz Institute for Holocaust Research, Haifa University, Haifa, 2.6.1998: "Emanuel Ringelblum against the Destruction of Memory: Writing History as a Resistance to Nazism".


    "The Multicultural Challenge in Israel", Tel Hai Academic College, 18.3.1999: “The Suffering Of The Other: Arab Teachers Studying the Holocaust".

    "Shaping Memory", The Strochlitz Institute for Holocaust Research, Haifa University, Haifa 19.5.1999: "Historiography and Collective Memory: Three Periods of the Ghetto Revolt Historiography ".

    "Life in the Ghetto – Sociological Aspects", The Strochlitz Institute for Holocaust Research, Haifa University, Haifa 27.12.1999: "Moshe Merin and the Jewish leadership in Zaglembie"


    “Before they Perished”, a conference concerning the presentation of the photograph project:  Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum, Fritz Bauer Institut Frankfurt, Goethe Institut Krakau, Krakau, 2.4.2001: “The Jewish Underground in Zaglembie”.

    "Teacher's Authority", Educators Conference, Ohalo College, 31.5.2001: "Jewish Teachers and Educators during the Holocaust".

    "The Eichmann Trial", a conference at Oranim College 3.6.2001: "Philosophical Aspects of the Eichmann Trial".


    “Jewish Scientists - Jews in the Sciences: On Tradition, Innovation and Epistemology”, discussant at the International Workshop, Simon Dubnow Institute for Jewish History and Culture, at the University of Leipzig, 3-6.7.2002.


    "Women during the Holocaust", a conference at Beit Berl, Ghetto Fighters House, Bet Terezin, 28.4.2002: "Women as Leaders during the Holocaust".

    "Opposing Oppression, Occupation and Persecution - The Resistance against the Nazi Regime", The Minerva Institute for German History, Tel Aviv University, 14.5.2002:  “To Brush History against the Grain:  Immanuel Ringelblum and his War against the Destruction of Memory”.


     “Democracies and Dirty Wars: Hard Cases in Military Ethics”, discussant at the International Workshop, The McCormick Tribune Foundation (MTF); The Center for International Relations; The International History Institute of Boston University, Cantigny Estate in Wheaton, Illinois, 12-14.3.2003.


    "Crossing Borders", Tel Hai Academic College 31.3.2005: "The Non-Jewish Jews: Isaac Deutscher's Thesis Revisited".


    "Palestine and the First World War - New Perspectives," International Conference, Tel Hai Academic College, 5.9.2007: "Allenby, Lawrence and the Image of the British Officer Corps".


    "Narrative Encounters: New Perspectives on Narration", University College Cork, Ireland, 16.2.2008: "We are Here: The Narrative of the Ghetto Fighters".

    "Israel 2008: Sixty Years after 1948: Are the Narratives Converging?" 24th Annual Association for Israel Studies Conference, New York University 21.5.2008:  "The Narrative of the Other: Arab Teachers Studying the Holocaust".

    "The Holocaust, the Survivors and the State of Israel", International Conference of Yad Vashem" 12.12.2008: "The Difficulty of Making Justice: The Trial of Barenblat, Head of the Jewish Militia in Bedzin." 


    "Between Break and Continuity", the Third National Conference of Teachers, Yad Vashem, 6.7.2009 "Youth Movements Facing the Holocaust".


    "The Annual Leadership Conference in Memory of Eitan Belachsan", panel: "Leadership in Education" (discussant), Tel Hai Academic College, 24.2.2010.


    "Israel as a Jewish and Democratic State”, The 27th Annual Conference of the Association for Israel Studies, Brandeis University 14.6.2011: "Survivors or Founders: Images and Self Images of Holocaust Survivors in Kibbutzim Newsletters, 1945-1960".


    "Condemned to Life: Chajka Klinger and Her Comrades in the Hashomer Hatzair Movement", University of Haifa, Ghetto Fighters House and Tel Hai Academic College, 14.5.2012: "Memory and History".

    Seventy Years Since the Final Solution – Operation Reinhard", Historical conference of Haifa University, 17.6.12: Economics and Destruction: Conflicting Trends in the SS in the Destruction of the Jews of East Upper Silesia".

    "Holocaust Education for Democratic Values", International conference of The Center for Humanistic Studies, Ghetto Fighters House, 10.10.2012: "Teaching the Holocaust as an Educational Tool for a More Moral Society – Is it Possible?"


    "Resistance and the Jews in Nazi Occupied Europe, 1939-1945", International Conference of the Jewish Museum of Greece, Athens 29-30.5.2014: "Women as Leaders in the Jewish Underground in Poland".

    "Looking at Then Now", International Conference on Oral History, The Oral History Division, Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem,  8-10.6.2014: "Oral History and the Documentation of Undergrounds in the ghettoes".

    "Aspects of Jewish Solidarity, Mutual Help, Animosities and  Tensions Within Jewish Society During the Shoah", The Yad Vashem Biennial International Conference, December 15-18, 2014, Jerusalem: "Communes in Auschwitz: The Communal Idea during the Holocaust".


    The 10th Israel National Conference for Research of the Kibbutz and Communes at Givat Havia, July, 1-2, 2015: "Socialist Solidarity during the Holocaust: Heini Borenstein and the Hashomer Hatzair communication center in Switzerland, 1940 – 1945". 

    "Being Jewish in Central Europe Today", Charles University in Prague, October, 13-15, 2015: "The memories of the anti-fascist fight and the false hopes for the future: The Zionist youth movements and the communist regimes in central Europe, 1944 – 1950".



    8b. Papers and Talks at Research Seminars and Colloquia


     Symposium in honor of Prof. Yehuda Elkana on his 50th Birthday, Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem, 1983: "The Teacher from Lincoln and the Discovery of Boolean Algebra".


    Research Seminar of the Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of the Sciences, Tel Aviv University, 1984: The Discovery of Boolean Algebra".


    Research Seminar of the Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of the Sciences, Tel Aviv University, 12.12. 1988: The Past as a Well, the Past as an Abyss: On the Problematic Aspects of Holocaust Historiography".

    Ceremony for the Award of the Venezuela Scholarship, Tel Aviv University, 1988. Paper in the name of prize recipients: "The Jews of Zaglembie".


    Ceremony for the Award of the Yad Vashem Prizes, Jerusalem, 12.6.1989. Central Paper of Prize Recipients:"One Day in the Life of the Jews of Zaglembie".

    Research Seminar of the History Department, Tel Aviv University, 19.12.1989: "The Judenrat Member".


    Symposium at Moreshet, Givat Haviva, 1.11.91: "Teaching the Holocaust: Images and Stereotypes".

    Research Seminar of the Open University, Tel Aviv, 9.8.1991: "The Concept of Leadership: A Philosophical-Historical View".


    Open seminar of Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem: "Intellectuals and Nazis", "Intellectuals in the Ghetto", "Intellectual Attitudes After the Holocaust", 12.1992-1.1993.

    Research Seminar of Yad Yaari, Tel Aviv, 15.1.1993: "The Historiography and Methodology Problem of Researching Youth Movements  during the Holocaust Period".


    A conference on behalf of Prof. Israel Gutman's birthday, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem 28.1.1993: "The Great Punkt"


    Research Seminar of Holocaust Researchers, The Institute of Contemporary Jewry, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 23.4.1994: "Rescue as a Form of Resistance: "Hashomer Hatzair Underground in Hungary".

    Veterans' gathering of Zionist Youth Movement Hungary, Shfayim, 24.6.1994: "The Pioneering Underground in Hungary".

    Research Seminar of the Education Department, Ben Gurion University, Beersheba, 11.12.1994: "The Question of Identity: Lessons and Images in Teaching the Holocaust".

    Seminar of Hedva Eibshitz Institute, Haifa, 13.12.1994: "The Pioneer Underground in Hungary".


    Research seminar of young Israeli historians, Ramat Gan Museum, 27.6.1995: "Hero and Anti-Hero in the Zionist Narrative of the Holocaust".

    Research seminar of the Institute for Holocaust Study, Bar Ilan University, April 1995: "The Death of the Vanguard: Psycho-historical Aspects of the Ghetto Revolts".


    Launching the book Third Person Singular, Yad Ya'ari, Moreshet and Ghetto Fighters House, Tzavta, Tel Aviv, 1996: "The Method of Writing Biography of Youth Group Members."


    "Tuvia Borzykowski", a memorial evening in Kibbutz Lohamei Hageta'ot, 8.3.1998: Tuvia Borzykowski and the Underground Newspapers in Ghetto Warsaw".

    Seminar of senior officers of the Northern Command under the auspices of General Amiram Levin, Holocaust Remembrance Day, 23.4.1998:  "The State of Israel and the Holocaust: Memory and Life".


    "The Pilot's Strike", Public Discussion at the IDF Command and Staff College (PUM),  28.2.1999: "The Pilot's Strike: The Ethos of a Professional Officer".

    Seminar on behalf of the book by Yosef Gorney, Between Auschwitz and Jerusalem, Haifa University, 21.3.1999: "Holocaust Memory Revisited".

    Seminar on behalf of the book by Naima Barzel,  Ad Klot U'mineged, Strochlitz Institute for Holocaust Research, Haifa University, 22.11.1999: "Tabenkin's Telegram".

    Launch ceremony of the exhibition "Jews and the Slovakian Revolt", Ghetto Fighter's House and the Association of Czechoslovak Emigrants to Israel, Ghetto Fighters House, 14.12.1999: "Jewish Fighters in the Slovakian Revolt".


    "The Withdrawal from Lebanon", discussant at the conference of The Political Sciences Department of The Hebrew University and Tel Hai Academic College, 8.6.2000.


    Seminar on behalf of Yehoyakim Kochavi's book, Roots for the Uprooted, Ghetto Fighters House in conjunction with the Strochlitz Institute for Holocaust Research, Haifa University, 3.2.2000: "The Roles of the Youth Movement After the Holocaust."

    Research Seminar of Doctoral Students, History Department, Haifa University, 31.5.2000: "Emanuel Ringelblum and the Oneg Shabbat Archive".


    Educators seminar on behalf of the play: "Nuremburg, the Drama of the Deniers", Haifa Theater, 1.1.2001: "The Nuremburg Trials and their Historical Implications".


    "Oral Testimonies" The School of History, Haifa University, 11.2.2002: "A Dialogue with the Past: Documents and Testimonies in Holocaust studies"


    The Center for Judaic Studies, Boston University, 4.2.2003: "Changing Attitudes towards the Holocaust in Israeli Society".

    Research Seminar of the Committee for Holocaust Studies at Boston University, 8.4.2003: "Suffering of the Other: Arab and Jewish Teachers Studying the Holocaust".

    Research Seminar of Simon Dubnow Institut, Leipzig, 28.8.2003: "The Historian as a Fighter: Ringelblum's Methodology Revisited".


    "Leadership", Seminar of The Harry S. Truman Institute of the Hebrew University and Tel Hai College, 4.5.2006: "New Trends in Leadership Studies".


    "Jewish Resistance in Warsaw – Two Sides, One Heroism", symposium of The Hedva Eibeshitz Institute for Holocaust Study, Haifa, 1.5.2008: "The Chalutzic Youth Movements and the Revolt".


    "Young People in the Jewish Heroic Myth of the Holocaust", seminar of the General Staff forum with General Gabbi Ashkenazi, Yad Vashem, 20.4.2009: "For Three Lines in History: The Struggle of Jewish Youth during the Holocaust".


    Oxford Chabad Society, Oxford 19.5.2010: "Survivors or Founders? Holocaust Survivors in the Kibbutzim".

    Lunchtime Seminar of Jewish Studies, Oriental Institute, Oxford, 10.6.2010: "We Are Here: Israeli Historiography of the Holocaust in the Fifties".

    Research Seminar of the project "Israel as Seen by the Survivors", Yad Vashem, 25.11.2010: "Images and Self-images of Survivors as Reflected in Newspapers (1945-1960)".


    The Bahat Prize 2010 ceremony, Haifa University, 5.1.2011: "Writing and Living". 

    Launch ceremony of the book Condemned to Life, Tzomet Sfarim: "Writing a Book about Mom's Diaries", Tel Aviv, 15.12.2011.

    Seminar in honor of the publication of new books by the faculty of the Multidisciplinary Studies Department, Tel Hai Academic College, 21.12.2011: "Testimony and History".


    "Writers Speak", held by Haifa University Press, Haifa University, Haifa University 22.3.2012: "Chajka Klinger Diaries".

    Research seminar in honor of the book Condemned to Life, of the Cohn Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas, Tel Aviv University, 23.5.2012: "His Life's Hero."

    Conference in honor of the publication of Bela Guterman's book, The One Zivia, Haifa University, 29.5.2012: "Zivia and Chajka".

    Research Seminar of the International Institute for Holocaust Studies, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem 31.5.2012: "The Diaries of Chajka Klinger and the Historiography of the Youth Movements during the Holocaust".


    "70th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising", Yad Vashem 18.4.2013: "Women as Leaders: The role of Women in the Fighting Undergrounds".

    Conference in honor of the publication of Moreshet: Journal for the Study of the Holocaust and Antisemitism, Tel Aviv University 18.2.2013: discussant at the symposium: "The Reflections of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in Collective Memory and Research"".


    "70th anniversary of the occupation of Hungary by Germany", conference at Tel Aviv University, 19.3.2014: "The Battle for Life: The Chalutzic Underground in Budapest, 1944".


    Holocaust Literature in Real Time", workshop at the Avraham Harman Institute of Contemporary Jewry, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, February 25-26, 2015: Discussion about the literary aspects of Condemned to Life.