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    Yael Kedar
  • Lecturer

  • Education - B.A., Multidisciplinary Studies - B.A. Program
  • +972548340599
  • yraizman@gmail.com
    • History of science
    • History of philosophy
    • Medieval science and philosophy
    • Early modern science and philosophy
    • The idea of progress
    • Christian theology
    • Philosophy of religion
    • Laws of nature
    • Roger Bacon
  • September 2017 – EPSA17, Exeter, UK. Paper read: “Roger Bacon (1214/1220–1292) on Universal and Particular Natures: Sources and Influence”.


    July 2017 – The BSHS Annual Conference, York, UK. Paper read:Roger Bacon (c. 1220–1292) and his System of Laws of Nature: Classification, Hierarchy and Significance”.


    April 2017 – The sixteenth congress of the Israeli Association for the History and Philosophy of Science, Raanana. Israel. Paper read: “Particular Laws and the Universal Law of Nature from the Middle Ages to the Seventeenth Century”.


    October 2015 –The First Dutch seminar in Medieval Philosophy. Groningen, The Netherlands. Paper read: “Natural Astrology, Astrological optics – the Road to Laws in Nature?”


    September 2015 – The Narses Project International Conference – Science and Religion, at the National Hellenic Research Foundation. Athenes, Greece. Paper read: “Are Laws of Nature Legislated by God? Roger Bacon (1120-1292) and Voluntarism”.


    July 2014 – Robert Grosseteste and the Pursuit of Religious and Scientific Learning in the Middle-Ages. Bishop Grosseteste University 3td International Conference. Paper read: "The Form of Corporeity and the Nomological Image of Nature".


    August 2012 – SIEPM 2012– Pleasures of Knowledge –International Conference of Medieval Philosophy, Freising, Germany. Paper read: “Ethical Voluntarism, Rationality, and the Practical Intellect in Roger Bacon”.


    July 2009 – XXIII International Congress of History of Science and Technology. Ideas and Instruments in Social Context, Budapest, Hungary. Paper read: “The Sense of Hearing and the Reconsideration of the Practical Sciences in Roger Bacon”.


    May 2007 – Medieval Science Colloquium VII. Boston College. MA. Paper read: “Nature and Reason: Roger Bacon on the Existence of Species within the Intellect”.


    October 2006 – International Conference on Ancient and Medieval Philosophy. Fordham University, NY. Paper read: “Some Innovative Aspects of the Notion of Species in Roger Bacon”.


    August 2006 – The 5th International Congress for Medieval Latin Studies – Interpreting Latin Texts in the Middle Ages. York University and the University of Toronto. Paper read: “Questioning Aristotle: Roger Bacon on the True Essence of Colour”.


    October 2005 – The 30th Patristic, Medieval, and Renaissance Studies (PMR) Conference. Villanova University, PA. Paper read: “From Plotinus to the 13th century: a Story of Two Lights”.


    September 2005 – The Third Annual Midwestern Conference in Medieval Philosophy, Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Paper read: “Some 13th Century Philosophers on the Differences between Lux and Lumen”.


    March 2005 – The 5th annual Conference of the Israeli Society for the History and Philosophy of Science, the Van Leer Institute, Jerusalem. Paper read: (in Hebrew): “On the Luminary and its Light: Unity and Multiplicity in 13th Century Optics and Epistemology”.


    October 2004 – Columbia University’s 15th Annual Graduate Student’s Conference: “Seeing things – Vision in the Middle Ages”, Columbia University, NY. Paper read: “Lux and Lumen: two Notions of Light in 13th Century Philosophy that Capture the One and the Many”.





    March 2016 – The Philosophies of Robert Grosseteste and Richard Rufus of Cornwall  a conference organized by the Center of Medieval Philosophy at Georgetown University, Washington DC. Paper read: ‘From “Natures” to Laws: the Making of the Concept of Law of Nature by Robert Grosseteste and Roger Bacon’.


    December 2011 – Philosophy Colloquium, University of Haifa. Paper read (in Hebrew): “Voluntarism and Empiricism in Late Medieval and Early Modern Philosophy”.


    November 2009 – The Haifa Seminar for the History of Science and Ideas in the Pre-Modern World. Paper read (in Hebrew): “Roger Bacon on the Sense of Hearing and the Status of the Practical Sciences”.


    November 2009 – Philosophy Colloquium, University of Haifa. Paper read (in Hebrew): “The Concept of Species in Medieval Philosophy”.


    April 2009 – Medieval Studies Forum, Georgetown University. Paper read: “Roger Bacon’s Invention of Speculative Grammar”.