faculty member

  • Dr.

    Gad Schaffer
  • Lecturer

  • Galilee Studies - M.A. Program, Multidisciplinary Studies - B.A. Program
  • 055-2236800
  • schaffergad@telhai.ac.il
    • Landscapes, landscape changes
    • Sustainable development and conservation
    • Historical GIS
    • Political geography
    • International Relations
  • Education

    Ph.D. in Historical Geographic Information Systems (HGIS), Department of Geography, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem

    M.A. in International Relations and Environmental Planning, Management and Policy, Department of International Relations, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem

    B.Sc. (with Honours) in International Relations and Environmental Policy, Oxford Brookes University, Oxford (UK)

    Academic Activities

    Since 2016:     Lecturer, BA and MA courses in the school of Social Sciences, Tel Hai College

    Since 2016: Teaching trustee in the Department of Multidisciplinary Studies

    Since 2018: Lecturer, BA courses in the Department of Geography Man and the Environment, Herzog College

  • I am a multi-disciplinary scholar with a wide range of topic interests which span from International Relations to Human Geography and Environmental Studies. More specifically, I am interested in the effect of humans on their environment. In my research, I use a variety of sources that includes historical maps, aerial photos, satellite imagery and GIS layers. 

    • GIS applications in regional studies of the Galilee (MA)
    • Maps and mapping (MA)
    • Introduction to GIS (BA)
    • Policy in the international arena (BA)
    • Twentieth Century World Politics (BA)
    • International relations and global politics from the Cold War to the present (BA)
    • Management and Conflict Resolution: From Theory to Practice - A and B (BA)
  • 2012 - PhD dissertation research fellowship, Yad Yitzhak Ben Zvi foundation

    2011 - PhD dissertation research fellowship, Levi Eshkol foundation

    2008 - MA thesis research fellowship, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung foundation

  • Articles in refereed journals:

    Schaffer, G., Peer. M., Levin, N. (2016) "Quantifying the completeness of and correspondence between two historical maps: a case study from 19th century Palestine". Cartography and Geographic Information Science, 43 (2), pp. 154-175.

    Salit K., William J. S., Shanas, U., Klass, K., Achisar, H., Dayan, T., Gavrieli, Y., Justo-Hanani, R., Mandelik, Y., Orion, N., Pargament, N., Portman, M., Reisman-Berman, O., Safriel, U.N., Schaffer, G., Steiner, N., Tauber, I., Levin, N. (2016) "Priority Questions and Horizon Scanning for Conservation: A Comparative Study". PLoS ONE, 11 (1), pp.1-29.

    Schaffer, G., Levin, N. (2015) "Reconstructing 19th century landscapes from historical maps – the Survey of Western Palestine as a case study". Landscape Research, 41 (3), pp.360-379.

    Schaffer, G., Levin, N. (2015) "Challenges and possible approaches for using GIS as a tool in historical geography landscape research: a meta-analysis review". e-Perimetron, 10 (3), pp.94-123.

    Schaffer, G, Levin, N. (2014) "Mapping human induced landscape changes in Israel between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 21st century". Journal of Landscape Ecology, 7 (1), pp.109-144.

    Schaffer, G. (2009) "Are security concerns taking over the International Sustainable Development discourse". Journal of the European Forum, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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  • https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Gad_Schaffer