Drama Therapy Summer Practicum in Israel

July 1-23, 2020


The Drama Therapy Summer Practicum provides participants with 120 hours of professionally supervised practicum in drama therapy, including actual client contact as well as advanced training with internationally acknowledged teachers. In addition to the challenge of working in another culture, the practicum offers the opportunity to meet experienced drama therapists working in Israel.



     Susana Pendzik (PhD., RDT), Head of the Drama Therapy Graduate Program at Tel Hai Academic College, also lectures at the Theatre Studies Department of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Swiss Drama Therapy Institute, and other institutions of higher education in Europe and Latin America. Susana is founder and honorary member of the Swiss Drama Therapy Association, accredited supervisor and honorary member of the Israeli Association of Creative and Expressive Therapies, representative of Israel at the European Federation of Drama Therapy and the World Alliance of Drama Therapy. She is the author of numerous papers, a book for using action techniques with abused women (in German 1999), co-editor of Assessment in Drama Therapy (2012),  The Self in PerformanceAutobiographical, self-revelatory, and autoethnographic forms of therapeutic theatre (2017), and co-author of Dramaterapia: Un enfoque creativo para el trabajo terapéutico (2018)             


 Professor Mooli Lahad is an Israeli psychologist and psycho trauma specialist, known for his creative methods of intervention and treatment of stress. Nationally and internationally awarded with prestigious awards. He is the founder and former director of the Institute of Drama Therapy, and President of the Community Stress Prevention Centre, Kiryat Shemona. Mooli Lahad is also a Professor of Psychology at Tel-Hai College and received his first PhD in psychology and a second PhD in human and life science. Lahad champions the application of creative approaches such as dramatherapy and bibliotherapy in the prevention and treatment of psycho trauma. He developed the BASIC PH model and the 6 Parts story making (6PSM) as well as many other models and methods used within both drama therapy, and bibliotherapy for the treatment of children and adults.  Lahad also developed the SEE FAR CBT method for the treatment of PTSD.  Author and co-author of 35 books and dozens of articles on trauma and resilience, Lahad is indeed an Internationally renowned expert on the treatment and rehabilitation of communities dealing with post traumatic incidents.  





Galila Tabachnikov Oren, Drama Therapist and supervisor. Galila is the former director of a Drama therapy training program in the Tel Aviv branch of Tel Hai Academic College.  She teaches in the Drama Therapy Graduate Program at Tel Hai Academic College, (Galilee, Israel), as well as in the Drama Therapy Institute of Switzerland.  Galila works with families, children and adolescents in private practice, and trains Social Workers and Educators working with families and children at risk.  She is the head of the Ethics Committee in YAHAT (the Association of Creative Arts Therapies in Israel).       


         Dr. Amnon Raviv is a pioneer in the field of Medical Clowning. He is the first to earn a PhD in the field.  His book 'Medical Clowning: The Healing Performance' was published & distributed by Seagull and The University of Chicago press and offers an in-depth explanation of how medical clowning works here in Israel and why it has been so effective with a broad spectrum of patients, from newborns to the elderly, and from patients in treatment for medical conditions such as cancer to those dealing with the trauma of war.  Amnon teaches at Tel-Hai College and is part of the 'Dream Doctors Project' working as a medical clown at medical centers across Israel.  


Dr. Chen Alon Head of Community-Based Theatre and Artivism (Art &Activism) program at the Theatre department, Tel-Aviv University. Alon is a theatre activist, actor, director and scholar. His research focuses on the Polarized Model of Theatre of the Oppressed. Alon is also a co-founder of "Combatants for Peace", a movement of Palestinian and Israeli combatants who have abandoned the way of violence. Activism in the complicated reality in Israel/Palestine led him as a professional actor and director, from the repertory theatre, to search and create new forms of political and social Artivism. In recent years he mainly works with African Asylum Seekers, Palestinians and Israeli citizens, prisoners, addicts, homeless people and other marginalized/oppressed communities, developing the "polarized model" of Theatre of the Oppressed. 




     Shoshi Keisari is a Drama Therapist in both public and private frameworks. Lecturer and supervisor at the University of Haifa and Tel-Hai College, her Ph.D. research at Haifa University’s Gerontology Department, focuses on the integration of psychotherapeutic playback theatre with narrative therapy in old age. She has published articles and is a co-author of the book "Hall of mirrors on stage: Psychotherapeutic playback theatre", published by Emili Sagol, Creative Arts Therapies Center, Haifa University.



Pnina Isenberg- Bornstein, MA. PhD (Candidate) is an educational counselor and CBT therapist. She is the Field Studies Coordinator of the B.A program in the Departments of Education and Psychology, and of the Drama Therapy Graduate Program and Advanced Field Training at Tel-Hai Academic College. Pnina is responsible for creating a field training that corresponds to the academic program, matching students to their training setting, as well as accompanying and supervising their development during the academic year. Her Ph.D. research at Haifa University’s Special Education Department focuses on the relationship between psychological capital and future orientation of students attending service learning. Her MA thesis has been recently published as a chapter in a book called Pathways and barriers to parenthood (Springer, 2019).                              


Eitan Shaked,  MA.,  is a drama therapist, educator, and developer of the Earth Games Method. He Works at Mashabim, The Community Stress Prevention Center in Kiryat Shmona (Upper Galilee), as well as in special education kindergartens in Safed through the Ministry of Education. He is the author of the book Earth toys & games (2017, forthcoming in English), teaching the method to educators and  therapists. The Earth Toys Method is an educational and therapeutic approach applied with children facing all kinds of challenges: emotional difficulties, developmental disabilities, children from backgrounds of neglect and abuse, and adults suffering from post-trauma. The method was also implemented for community resilience in wartime as well as with refugee children.     


            Pazit Ilan Bercovich, M.A., Drama therapist, family and couple
psychotherapist and supervisor, teaches at Tel Hai’s Drama Therapy Graduate Program, the Israeli Institute of Psychotherapeutic Playback Theater, and supervises clinical seminars at the Winnicott Center (Israel). She is the founder of “Marot” – a professional Playback Theatre group that performs since 2002 and is among the founders of the Israeli Playback Theatre Association. She has imparted Drama Therapy and Playback Theatre workshops in many professional conferences, is a member of ICET (the Israeli Association of Creative and Expressive Therapies), in which co-heads the Drama Therapy Chapter. She works with children adolescents, adults, couples and families in private practice.  

Practicum Overview:

The Practicum begins with a 2-day orientation and advanced training in Tel Aviv. Participants are ascribed a Field Practicum led by an experienced drama therapist in which they will work in small groups with a population (children, elderly, disabled).  The Practicum will take place over a space of 3 weeks, 3 days a week, a total of 5 hours per session. The field work includes preparation, actual client-contact in groups, and onsite supervision. Field placements will be conducted throughout various locations within the country. Further supervision and advanced training are provided once a week in Tel Aviv.   The program culminates with two days of intensive advanced training in the Galilee.


Clinical Seminars Options:

  • Playback Theatre with Adults with Autism

This clinical seminar will take place in a hostel that provides residence and care for adults with Autism in Rosh Haain (about 30 min. outside of Tel Aviv). The group members are regular participants in an ongoing drama therapy group, and work in the community.

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is considered a developmental disorder characterized by challenges of communication, behavior, and social skills. Drama therapy processes allow people with ASD to have a chance to organize their experiences and rehearse desired behaviors and actions, as they step into the role of another person and have opportunities to see the world from different perspectives.

The group will use Therapeutic Playback Theater as its main drama therapy tool, in order to enable participants to process their past experiences in a creative and safe environment, while providing an ongoing training in empathy and understanding of the other.

  • Earth Games & Toys approach

This clinical seminar will take place in an elementary school in Hazor Haglilit, Upper Galilee. We will be working with a group of children aged 11-12 who have difficulties with sensory and emotional regulation, affecting their behavior and social relationships. The kids are in transition between elementary school and junior high and are at risk of vagrancy during the summer.

The group will focus on the Earth Game and Toys approach – a method that is based on the idea of the earth as a safe space, and as a material resource for creating images and games. We will work indoors and outdoors, learning and applying the method. Using earth and mud allows people to revisit the developmental progress, from sensory-motor movement play, through the creation of images, projective or/and role-playing games. Connected with Sue Jennings’ EPR Paradigm, this continuum enables a renewed connection to the body, nature, reality and imagination, contributing to emotional regulation, self-expression and improving social skills.

  • Drama Therapy with migrant and refugee children and their parents

This clinical seminar will take place in UNITAF, an after-school program unit in Tel-Aviv that provides education and care to children from the migrant and refugee community. Mostly from Africa, this population lacks civil rights, and the adults work long hours.

The group will work with children age 4-6 as well as create a joint group with children and their parents. Using the EPR paradigm as a framework we will apply both individual and dyadic interventions within the group setting, in an attempt to strengthen the emotional development of children, and enhance the children-parents’ ability to play together, promoting healthy attachment and bonding.




The Drama Therapy Summer Practicum is open to Drama therapy students or/and professionals who wish to acquire field experience and advanced drama therapy training. The practicum will provide opportunities to apply knowledge and skills in unique cultural situations, and will enhance and develop professional competence. Applicants should present proof of drama therapy training and provide two letters of recommendation by accredited professionals. The application process will begin in December 2019, and it may include a personal interview through video-call.


Application instructions

To apply, please fill the application form.  No fees are due until you are accepted into the workshop.

   application form   



Practicum fee

  $1750 USD 

Registration fee (Non  refundable)



 Cancellation policy

Standard one: “Cancellation of participation up to one month prior to the first day of the workshop – 100% refund, (less bank transfer/credit card fees and registration fees).

Cancellation of participation up to two weeks prior to the first day of the workshop – 70% refund (less bank transfer/credit card fees and application fees)

Cancellation of participation less than two weeks prior to the first day of the workshop – no refund.”


Please note that the cancellation notice should be submitted in writing to dtsummerpracticum@telhai.ac.il and approved by email by the practicum team.

Registration and payment – relevant link will be sent to the applicants by email.

For further information and questions, please contact us: dtsummerpracticum@telhai.ac.il

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