The Support Center for Students with Learning Disabilities

The Support Center for Students with Learning Disabilities renders higher education accessible to talented young Israelis whose potential for academic, professional, and personal success is limited by untreated or maltreated learning disabilities.
Learning disabilities do not affect intelligence or intellectual ability – on the contrary; they often accompany exceptional intellect and talent. However, they can tragically impede the realization of these gifts, with children and adults with learning disabilities often unfairly accused of being incapable or unmotivated, leading to a vicious cycle of low achievements, low self-esteem, and the forfeiting of dreams and aspirations. The Support Center for Students with Learning Disabilities has developed a pioneering holistic approach, “The Empowering Learning Model,” which offers students a specialized supportive program adapted to their specific learning challenges, while addressing their need for both academic and emotional support. Equipped with new techniques and skills, virtually all of our students succeed in academic studies and attain a college degree. The Center has an almost perfect retention rate of 98 %. In fact, almost twenty years of activity at the Support Center for Student with learning disabilities have “given birth” to over ten doctorates completed by our graduates, with more on the way- in fields ranging from cancer research and computer voice recognition to social work and most significantly, advanced research on learning disabilities.