Social Work M.A.

The graduate program in social work, launched in 2008, prepares the future leaders of social change in the north of Israel. The program answers the great need of the region for professionals with advanced training to take on positions as managers, supervisors and specialists at various social service agencies. Conditions for admission include a B.A. degree in Social Work and at least one year of practical work experience. Most of our students have at least ten years of experience, with many already occupying senior positions in the social service network. The program is concentrated in one to one-and-a-half days per week, to enable professionals to continue with their work, and for residents of other regions to attend.

The Academic Curriculum

The academic curriculum includes core courses, elective courses, and specialization clusters. Core courses aim to deepen students' understanding of the essence of the profession. They include Administration, Supervision, Research, Social Policy, Project Evaluation and Law and Ethics. Elective courses offer advanced understanding of contemporary theory and treatment methods. Specialization clusters include Family Studies, that provides training in intervention methods for family and couples treatment, also fulfilling some of the certification requirements of the Israeli Association of Family Therapy); Management and Supervision, that focuses on providing professional tools for senior positions in social service agencies; and Stress and Trauma Studies, for social workers involved in or preparing themselves for first-line interventions in emergency and disaster situations. Each cluster includes a practicum related to the field of specialization, and offers students an invaluable opportunity to experiment with innovative intervention methods in the field.