Social Work, B.A. & M.A.

Social Work is a social science committed to the pursuit of social justice, quality of life, and the development of the full potential of each individual, group and community within society. The Department of Social Work trains its students, the future social workers, to assist and enhance the personal and social development of at-risk populations in the Galilee region and in Israeli society at large. The Department provides, in addition to the academic courses, also a rich framework that includes cooperation with regional social workers, student fieldwork, joint community projects, supervision, enrichment programs and professional conferences.

The Academic Curriculum

The undergraduate program in social work encompasses six semesters of study. Students choose between three study tracks: Stress and Trauma Studies that trains students to become first responders during emergency situations; Aging and Disabilities, and Policy Practice. First-year studies include introductory courses in psychology and sociology, psychopathology and personality theories. Subsequent years include specialized courses such as conflict resolution, family violence and social aspects of aging. Selected courses incorporate the community of learning model, which involves service users in the classroom setting.


The Edith Ennis Centre for Community Services A key component of the academic program is the supervised Field Education Program that provides students with the opportunity to apply theory to practice through work in a variety of social agencies. A large portion of social work students' time is devoted to fieldwork, beginning in their second year of studies. Second-year students begin fieldwork mostly in social service agencies. Third-year students choose a casework specialization in conjunction with community intervention through work on specific projects in various agencies and non-profit organizations, and in a wide array of fields, including general and mental health, aging, youth and adult delinquency, drugs and alcohol abuse, physical and cognitive disabilities. Students assume the social worker role during this academic year. Each student receives two weekly hours of fieldwork supervision with a professional instructor, trained by the department, and one hour of group supervision in class.