Rina Pridor

Founder and former General Director of the Israeli Program of Technological Incubators, Participated in the early seventies in establishing the office of the Chief Scientist in the Ministry of Industry & Trade of the Israeli Government, as The Chief Scientist Deputy. In this capacity  she was also  in charge of the development of the first Industrial Science Parks in Israel next to  Weizman Institute, The Hebrew University, The Technion and Tel-Aviv University.

Served as the co-ordinator of the Science Based Industry Committee at the International Economic Conferences which took place in Israel at the early seventies, initiated by the Minister of Finance Pichas Sapir.

In 1978 moved to the private sector joining Worldtech Israel Ltd, a private company representing foreign investments in industrial R&D projects in Israel. Appointed in 1984 as CEO of the company.Through Worldtech Ltd. large investments were raised in the U.S. as seed money  for hi-tech start ups in Israel. Among those start ups were: Teledata, Comverse,  Oshap and Lannet - today leading Hightech public companies.

Rina Pridor currently runs a private consulting firm, specialized in Technological Entrepreneurship, Technology Incubators, Technology Innovation and Transfer.  Pridor is an attorney, graduate of the Hebrew University Law School in Jerusalem, and member of the Israeli Bar. Pridor serves on the Board of Trustees and on the Executive Committee at Tel-Hai College. As well as serving on the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology - Board of Directors; ORT Israel Schools Network - Board of Directors; MIT Forum for Entrepreneurship - Young Entrepreneurs Israel – Board of Directors.