Nutritional Science, B.Sc. & M.Sc.

Nutritional Science investigates the metabolic and physiological responses of the body to diet. In light of advances in nutritional research over the past decade, it is clear that people have the ability, to a large extent, to control their state of health through nutrition. The great mass of medical and nutritional information available today increases our prospects of achieving good health, preventing and overcoming many ailments and diseases. Tel-Hai College is the first college in Israel to open a program in the field. Students are trained to work as clinical dieticians in hospitals, schools, old-age homes, as well as in the food and tourist industries.

The Academic Curriculum

The program provides a strong foundation in life sciences as well as a basic understanding of nutritional sciences and their impact on health. The first-year curriculum focuses on basic courses in fields such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. In the second year students continue to courses in human nutrition, genetics, microbiology, physiology, vitamins and minerals. These are followed a choice of more advanced and specialized courses, including – to name a few examples - Obesity and Eating Disorders, Psychology for Nutritionists, Nutrition and Cancer. 

Professional Internships

Professional internships are offered to select students who work in the food industry in return for scholarships, through Tel-Hai Tech.

Academics and Social Responsibility - Tikkun Olam

An obligatory third-year course is "Nutrition in the Community", an intervention program designed to improve the eating habits of the region's residents. Students teach various age-groups in the community about proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles. The course is supervised by professional instructors at kindergartens, schools, sports teams, senior homes, and special-needs frameworks in the northern region. Graduates may perform practical work in medical institutions and attain certification as dieticians.