Nutritional Science, B.Sc. & M.Sc.

Research and practice in the field of nutrition is progressing at a great speed, requiring increasingly complex knowledge that integrates diverse topics in natural and life sciences, medicine, chemistry, molecular biology, together with the ability to analyse data and present it clearly to the public, while honing sensitive treatment skills. The M.Sc. degree program in nutrition sciences opened in 2013-14 in response to these challenges, providing dieticians with advanced training in health education, eating disorders, sports nutrition, and clinical dietetics, while granting them basic research skills. The program also provides a strong foundation for those who choose to continue on to doctoral studies. The program offers two tracks: thesis and non-thesis, both involving students in laboratory research projects. Students who choose the thesis track will undergo a rigorous review process including an oral defense by Tel-Hai faculty members and outside reviewers from Israel's leading universities.

The Academic Curriculum

Examples of required courses are advanced academic reading and writing, biochemistry and physiology of chemical senses and their Implication on nutrition and food, selected chapters in eating disorders, and the nutritional aspects of industrial food processing. Students choose from a wide range of elective courses that include biological rhythms and their Impact on metabolism, the brain's role in regulation of eating, and selected chapters in the study of herbal remedies.