Multidisciplinary Studies, B.A.

The Department of Multidisciplinary Studies offers students the opportunity to widen their horizons with a broad range of academic fields and an interdisciplinary liberal arts approach. The program emphasizes academic flexibility and combines specialized knowledge from various disciplines in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, building a unique capacity amongst its graduates to approach problems from diverse perspectives.

The Academic Curriculum

The program in multidisciplinary studies is offered as either a single or double major, the latter designed for students who wish to complement their chosen disciplinary specialization with general studies. The broad range of courses are divided into the following three clusters, within which students attend introductory courses, advanced courses, and seminars: Behavioral Sciences, including psychology, sociology, anthropology, and gender studies; Sustainability: Society, Environment and Thought, including conflict resolution, environment, and philosophy; and Humanities, including land of Israel studies, history, and art.