M.A. Program in Drama Therapy

The M.A. Program in Drama Therapy at Tel-Hai College acquaints students with models and cutting edge theories in drama therapy, providing them as well with advanced tools to develop their clinical abilities and skills for treating people. The program integrates the basic principles of behavioral sciences and psychotherapy with the human need for expression, action, and creativity. The program is aimed for highly motivated B.A. graduates who have completed basic courses in psychology, have a background in drama or theatre in any of its forms, and demonstrated a capacity for working with people, particularly with vulnerable populations.

The Academic Curriculum Studies

The M.A. program lasts two years, followed by an additional year of Advanced Field Training. It includes one full day of studies during the fall and spring semesters, intensive courses during the winter and summer breaks, and a 600 hours internship in the field during the two years – in addition to the one day study.

Students receive supervision on-site at their internship placements, as well as at the program, in small groups by highly experienced drama therapists. The program offers a variety of courses, such as, fundamentals of drama therapy; assessment and intervention models using creative arts; drama therapy with children; the family drama; playback theatre; psychodrama; sand play: theatre and madness; medical clowning; psychotrauma treatment; and theatre-based research.

Following the successful completion of the two years, and as required by the Ministry of Health and the Higher Professional Council of the Creative Arts Therapies, graduates undertake an advanced training of 960 hours of guided practical work, under the supervision of the Tel-Hai Center of Advanced Studies.



This One-Year M.A. Program in Drama Therapy is designed for practicing drama therapists, who have completed their trainings in recognized institutions that offered certificate studies in drama therapy. The program complies with the Council of Higher Education requirements for an M.A. in Drama Therapy, allowing professionals to complete their graduate studies in one year.

The program fulfills three main goals:

  1. To acquaint students with state-of-the-art theories and advanced models in drama therapy;
  2. To expand the student’s knowledge and tools by offering courses in specific areas of professional expertise, such as: parent guidance (for professionals working with children); medical clowning; advanced studies in psychophysiology – among others.
  3. To provide personalized tools and support for writing a final paper around the student’s professional area of expertise, aiming at publication in professional academic journals.