Human Services, B.A.

In recent years there has been considerable growth in the number of organizations whose purpose is to enrich and assist people. The Department aims to provide its students with the knowledge and skills to pursue professional positions related to the organization, management and evaluation of human services in public and private sector organizations. The Department also prepares students to pursue future studies and research in human services.

The Academic Curriculum

The program is offered as part of a double major, and may be paired with studies in a variety of departments, including Psychology, Multidisciplinary Studies and Economics and Management. First-year students study basic courses such as Introduction to human services, interpersonal communication, and introduction to sociology. In subsequent years, courses offered include human services management, fieldwork and theory, non-profit organizations, multiculturalism and more. Based on a multi-disciplinary approach, students gain a wide knowledge base that enables them to recognize different organizational needs and to apply theoretical studies to practical management situations.


Fieldwork is an integral part of the program of study, with students gaining practical work experience at social service agencies, public organizations bodies such as the Nature Reserves Authority, the Fire Department and the education system in a variety of northern communities.