Galilee Studies M.A.

A new multidisciplinary master's degree program deepens students' understanding of the fascinating region in which Tel-Hai College is situated. The Galilee will be explored through varied and interconnected lenses: social, political, geographical, cultural history, philosophical, environmental and anthropological. Though not a thesis-track program, Galilee Studies will involve students in serious independent research and study. It will provide residents of the region interested in graduate studies with an opportunity nearby that is deeply rooted in their home region, and may be particularly suited for people involved in the educational and environmental fields.

The Academic Curriculum

Studies are concentrated in one-and-a-half days a week. Required courses include research methods and academic writing, as well as introductory courses in the physical and cultural geography of the region. Students will choose from two study tracks: Population, Settlement, and Society in the Galilee: Historical and Geographical Aspects; and People, Culture, Landscape and Environment in the Galilee. The four semesters of study will include at least six field trips related to various courses, and a three-day "research camp" which will be followed by work on individual seminar research papers.