The Field Studies Program

The Field Studies Program at Tel-Hai College provides students of education, psychology, human services, and nutritional sciences with real-world professional experience through hands-on interventions among vulnerable communities in the Galilee. By learning to treat and prevent the most severe problems, the program teaches those who will serve on the front line of social change to empower individuals and communities to realize their true potential.

Fieldwork takes place in many venues and through a broad network of social service agencies and non-profit organizations - a reflection of the diverse population of Israel's northern periphery, and of Tel-Hai's deep commitment to combining outstanding academic studies with active community involvement. Students perform six hours of fieldwork weekly for two years, led by a large and highly professional supervising staff, including over twenty field coordinators. Organized by theme, the work often generates interdisciplinary collaboration among different departments, such as a project at the Rebecca Sieff Hospital in Tzfat, where students from the special education, psychology, and nutritional sciences programs developed and led empowerment and eating-disorder prevention workshops for at-risk teenage girls.

These diverse fieldwork efforts meet the Galilee population at all stages of life, from birth until old age, and in pre-schools, schools, prisons, special needs clubs, rape crisis centers and homes for the elderly. Moving beyond the bounds of the classroom allows students to grow as human beings as well as caring professionals, bringing innovative interventions, cutting-edge knowledge, and the talent and energy of our young leaders to bear in serving at-risk populations in Israel's northern periphery.