Educational Psychology M.A.

The Educational Psychology Program is aimed at training student in the theoretical and practical aspects of school psychology.  Its graduates are trained as psychologists who can perform in changing circumstances, who can identify organizational and personal needs of their clients, and employ professional considerations for determining how to cope with these needs with the scarce resources which are allotted by the system to school psychologists.  The teaching staff is composed of highly qualified psychologists with many years of teaching experience and established proficiency in educational psychology practice.


The academic curriculum

The academic curriculum covers all the requirements for achieving a Master's degree in psychology, and for eligibility for registration as a psychologist by the Ministry of Health.  It includes courses in school psychology, developmental psychopathology, child and youth psychotherapy, psycho-diagnosis, learning disabilities, ethics, and school psychology in emergency, as well as advanced methods of educational research.  Students will also be trained in schools, in the different practical aspects of school psychology.  Students will be allowed to choose whether to submit a Master's Thesis or a final Seminar paper as the concluding part of their studies.