Education M.A.

The M.A. program in education is the bridge between theory and the field, that is, the educational system in the multicultural towns and villages of the northeastern Galilee.  The program is based on general studies in education and on two specialization tracks. General studies expose the students to the hard core of educational changes and dilemmas by introducing them to courses such as educational policies and educational reforms.   The teachers in this program are from varied but relevant backgrounds, such as psychology, philosophy, sociology and history of education; thus, the students are exposed to different aspects of education.

The management specialization track gives the student basic knowledge in management and specific knowledge about management in education. Managerial skills are critical to the improvement  of any educational system, and are even more important in the  peripheral regions, such as the areas surrounding Tel Hai College. Courses include management of educational systems, ICT (Information and Communications Technology), and new pedagogy, or educational initiatives.

The specialization track of special needs in education is based on a very popular track in undergraduate studies. It broadens the professional horizons of the students. Courses include HDAL in a multi-system perspective, children at risk and special education in a multicultural society.

An important aspect which has contributed to the success of this program is the fact that most of the teachers and the students are part of the formal and informal local educational system from kindergarten to adulthoods, from schools and  community centers to adult education in the Zalmon prison. Thus, the program is conducted by people whose activities are centered in the region.