Education Center for Gifted and Talented Youth

The Education Center for Gifted and Talented Youth was established by JDC Israel in 1986 to answer to the growing need of enhancing the education of gifted children in the northern region. Today, the Center works with over 440 children, from third to ninth grade from over 50 different towns, kibbutzim and villages in the region. Approximately 1% - 2% of the population are considered gifted, coming from all socio economic backgrounds. The children are identified through a series of exams run by the ministry of Education. The children represent the religious mosaic of the region, with secular and religious Jews, Christian and Moslem Arabs, Druze and Circassian all coming together to share in the pursuit of knowledge and skills.
The Center operates four days a week offering various courses to gifted and outstanding children. For the younger children (third to fifth grades) the main aim is exposing them to a wide scope of subjects along with giving them basic research skills, combined with creative thinking and inventiveness, while in the older age groups the courses offer a variety of interest areas in varying levels of scope and depth.
Sample courses for the younger age group are Micro and Macro in the Kitchen (Biology), Organic Chemistry, Computer Animations, Writing in English, Art, Journalism and much more. The older children enjoy courses in Chinese and Japanese Culture, Advanced Animation, Journalism and Advertising, Genetics, and Photography. Multidisciplinary courses are also offered, such as Aviation, Imaging and Ecology