Education, B.A. & M.A.

Students at the Department of Education at Tel-Hai College come from different communities and cultures, and are bound by a common thread: intellectual curiosity combined with a deep commitment to further Israel's educational system and to create positive social change specifically in the Galilee and in Israeli society at large. The curriculum provides students with the necessary academic skills to pursue advanced studies in education, while instilling in them the values that will enable them to apply these skills to the social and cultural development of society and the region.

The Academic Curriculum

In their first year of studies, students attend introductory courses in psychology, sociology and philosophy of education, research methods and statistics. In subsequent years they are offered in-depth courses in four areas of specialization, which were defined with the needs of the Galilee region in mind: Special Education: Students are provided with theoretical knowledge and practical tools to work with autism, juvenile delinquency, and cognitive disability. Learning Disabilities: Students study a broad range of learning disabilities such as dyslexia and dyscalculia. Education through Art: Students learn how to integrate arts in education, including visual arts, drama, and narrative texts, and are prepared for advanced studies in various therapeutic methods. Social Education: Students are introduced to conventional and alternative educational approaches and community education initiatives, are made aware of social trends and tensions, and are given tools to lead social and policy changes.


Fieldwork is an integral part of the program, with second and third-year students performing six hours of fieldwork weekly. Fieldwork combines theory with practice, introducing students to a variety of educational settings relevant to their areas of specialization. Examples of venues include educational settings for children with special needs, schools, centers for persons at risk, psychiatric institutions, and prisons.

Special Programs

In their third year students may combine their B.A. studies in education, after supplementary studies, with those directed at a teaching certification by Oranim College.