Economics & Management, B.A.

Studies in the Economics & Management Department at Tel-Hai College explore how the economy and organizations function, specifically resource allocation and coordination aimed to achieve set objectives. The Department of Economics & Management provides students with professional and innovative approaches to these issues, preparing them for careers in today's complex financial world. The teaching staff includes renowned business men, public service servants and industrialists, who bring with them practical knowledge as well as theoretical knowledge in their fields of expertise. Graduates work in the public and private sectors, and pursue post-graduate studies in economics or business administration.

The Academic Curriculum

The Department's teaching methodology is based on the use of complex economics models, game theory, simulations and other advanced tools. This deductive instructional approach is integrated into class exercises, labs and workshops. The program is offered as either a single or double major with programs combining Economics with East Asian Studies or Environmental Sciences.

The academic curriculum includes basic courses as mathematics, statistics and computer sciences, courses in core subjects such as micro, macro-economics and financing, and in-depth courses such as behavioral patterns in national economies, accounting, financial management, advertising, marketing and environmental economics.