Dr. Ofir Benjamin

Dr. Ofir Benjamin

Dr. Ofir Benjamin
Food Sciences - B.Sc. Program
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Areas of Interest

Food technology
Sensory evaluation of food
Dairy science

Short Bio

Dr. Ofir Benjamin is a lecturer and researcher at the Food science department in Tel Hai College. His field specialties deal with food sensory and the relation with different food systems (e.g., Dairy, Olive oil, postharvest fruits). Ofir completed his MSc in dairy science at Wageningen University , Netherlands. His PhD was obtained from  Otago University in New Zealand with collaboration with Fraunhofer Institute, Germany. His PhD topic was flavor release from emulsion structures under oral processing. 

In Tel Hai College, a new food sensory lab consist of advance analytical instruments such as : Electronic tongue , nose , GC-MS , GC-FID , UHPLC , Texture analayzer and viscometer. A unique dairy pilot plant has been recenetly launched with a small scale dairy and beverages processing equipment like UHT pasturization unit, high pressure homogenizer, seperator and ferementing vessels to prepare the cheeses and yogurts.     


Sensory evaluation of food – characterization of volatile compounds and release behavior in food. Taste profile using the electronic tongue. Rheology and food structure -Texture analysis. Sensory profile of food using trained human panel. Postharvest impact on sensorial properties of fruits. 
Dairy science - Colloid structure of dairy products. Dairy processing, influence of the process on the sensorial properties of dairy products.  
Edible insects – Emerging topic within our research group in Tel Hai/MIGAL. Characterization of the sensorial aspects and functional ingredients of insects.   



Courses coordinator:
•    Sensory evaluation of food
•    Principles of food technology b
•    Seminar for food product development
•    Food sciences seminar
•    Dairy science



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•    Benjamin, O., Leus, M., Silcock, P., and Everett, D.W. (2012). Multilayer emulsions as delivery systems for controlled release of volatile compounds using pH and salt triggers Food Hydrocolloids, 27, 109-118. 
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•    Jones, A., Benjamin, O. Martinez, J.-J. I. (2014) Does a parasite change the nutritional value of an insect? Varroa mites on honey bees as a model. Journal of Insects as Food and Feed (accepted). 



•    Salt reduction in Dairy products -     impact on sensorial quality assessed by electronic nose and tongue (Oral presentation PLEASURE conference, La Rochelle, France)

•     Comparison of Honeybee Pupae composition from healthy and parasitized brood by Varroa (Poster presentation, Edible insects conference, Ede , the Netherlands)