Dr. Donita Cohen

Dr. Donita Cohen

Dr. Donita Cohen
Senior Teacher
Computer Science - B.Sc. Program

Areas of Interest

Quantum Optics
Technology in Higher Education


The role of technology in promotion of effective teaching.


2006-now    Tel Hai College – Faculty of Science – Physics 1 (Mechanics)
2009-now    Tel Hai College - Computer Science Department – Digital Systems and Logic Design, Introduction to Computer Science, Computer programming and organization  – undergraduates



1.    MA thesis: Interaction and localization in disordered systems – Prof. Moshe Kaveh, Bar-Ilan university, 1990 
2.    Doctorate thesis: Interaction of non-classical radiation with matter – Prof. Yaacov Ben-Aryeh, Technion, 1994
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6.    D. Cohen, Y. Ben-Aryeh, A. Mann, “Phase effect for atomic dipoles in a Jaynes-Cummings model with various initial electromagnetic fields”, Opt. Comm. 99 (1993) 123
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9.    D. Cohen, I. Sasson. "Online quizzes in a virtual learning environment as a tool for formative assessment." Journal of Technology and Science Education 6.3 (2016): 188-208.


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