Dr. Amir Goldstein

Dr. Amir Goldstein is married to Sigal and a father of four. Goldstein is a historian, educator and senior lecturer at Tel-Hai College. He took up the position of Dean of Students in October 2014. Goldstein specializes in Political History and the ideas behind the Zionist movement with an emphasis on researching the Zionist Right during the British Mandate. His books and articles focus on the activities of Zeev Jabotinsky and Menahem Begin and the breakthrough of the Zionist Right moving for the edge of Israeli politics to the center. Goldstein was the 'Danciger' High School Principal in Kiryat Shemona where he had held both educational and management positions for over 20 years. He also is leading the renovation initiative of the museum in Kiryat Shemona recognizing the mass immigration in the fifties.The museum is currently in the process of being recognized as a national museum.