Environmental Science, B.Sc.

Environmental Science form a multidisciplinary academic field that integrates physical, biological, and social sciences into the study of the environment and the solution of environmental problems. With a clear understanding of the need to preserve natural resources while enabling sustainable development of the Galilee, Israel, and beyond, Tel-Hai College was the first institution in Israel to offer a comprehensive academic program focusing on environmental sciences, and continues to be the only Israeli college offering a B.Sc. degree in the field. A new discipline of Ecology was initiated in 2013 dealing with environmental ecological aspects. The program provides students with the knowledge and tools to pursue careers in environmental-related occupations such as environmental researchers, public or private sector environmental process monitors, or to continue on to graduate studies in the field. In the course of their studies students receive certification for treatment and management of toxic materials from the Ministry for the Protection of the Environment. The Department also encourages students to be environmental activists in the community, and to become involved in regional environmental organizations.

The Academic Curriculum

Environment studies are interdisciplinary by nature, related to scientific and other disciplines. The first-year curriculum focuses on basic courses in fields such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. In subsequent years more advanced and specialized courses are offered, including Geology, Ecology, Soil and Water Conservation, Environmental Management, Environmental Legislation, Waste and Wastewater Treatments, the Human-Environment Relationship, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), a certification course in managements of toxic materials and more. Students may study environmental sciences as a single major, or combine them with studies in Education or Economics & Management, gaining tools and knowledge for professional careers in Environmental Economics or Environmental Education.

Partnerships with Research Institutes

A research project offered to students as an elective course acquire them invaluable research experience at the MIGAL Galilee Research Institute, R&D North, R&D Galilee Society and other research institutes that work in collaboration with Tel-Hai College.