Biotechnology M.Sc.

The Master's degree program in biotechnology provides advanced and varied studies in this diverse field. The program attracts graduates from Tel-Hai’s B.Sc. program, as well as from higher education institutions throughout the country, preparing them to lead this ever-growing discipline in research, development and industry.

The Academic Curriculum

The program is designed to impart in-depth knowledge of the different areas of biotechnology. A key component of the program is the academic research work in laboratory research at the MIGAL Galilee Research Institute in nearby Kiryat Shemona, with the guidance of active scientists. A full schedule of coursework and research takes place over the course of four semesters. The program offers students the choice between two tracks: with and without thesis. In each track research is obligatory. In the thesis track, the students carry out a research project combined with a thesis on the level of a refereed scientific article. The thesis review process entails rigorous examination of their research, including an oral defense by Tel-Hai faculty members and outside reviewers from Israel's leading universities. Students in the thesis-track are entitled to full tuition scholarships and living stipends. Graduates of the program continue on to doctoral studies in all Israeli universities or abroad, and qualify to senior positions in the pharmaceutical and food industries, in hospitals, laboratories, and in research and development.