Continuing Education

The division of Continuing Education in Tel-Hai College provides the opportunity to acquire high-level, professional education via courses and programs in a variety of fields. Along with the professional knowledge acquired, the studies provide practical tools and skills that encourage future integration in various workplaces.
Curricula include six key areas:

- Continuing studies for academia graduates - courses and programs for those who already acquired an academic degree, in various fields: Family Therapy, Resilience, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Investments Advising and Pension Consulting.

- Therapists Training Center – Art Therapy, Drama Therapy - designated for BA graduates.

- The Fruits of the Land - Unique programs that fuse academia, industry, and agriculture: Cellar master certification for wine production, certification in olive and olive oil production, and a beekeeping course.

- Diploma Studies - professional training courses such as - accounting, payroll, business English, Capital Market course and more.

- The School of Management and Personal Development Skills – Courses in management and coaching include the following: a program for rural community leaders, a
company directors' course, and training programs in systems management, mediation and professional negotiation, and personal coaching, including specialized coaching for attention disorders.

- Continuing Education and Leisure – offers a variety of courses, such as spoken English, spoken Arabic, Creative Writing and more.