The Best for the Galilee - Professional Internship Programs

Tel-Hai's pioneering internship programs provide students with invaluable experience that connects theory with practice and brings new energy and momentum to the local economy.

"The Best for Industry"

The Best for Industry program places computer science students as interns at local high-tech companies, teaching them the skills and knowledge they need for successful careers in the tech industry. In turn, these companies benefit from high-quality human resources at a low cost, and often choose to hire participating students as permanent employees upon graduation.

The program addresses the acute "brain drain" phenomenon - the exodus of talented and educated workers from Israel's northern periphery to its more prosperous regions. Second and third year computer science students at Tel-Hai work at leading companies in the Galilee, and are granted stipends in return, which are funded jointly by the employers and Tel-Hai College, through its philanthropic partner UJIA.

Before the launch of The Best for Industry program, virtually no computer science graduates stayed in the region; since its inception in 2006, between 50 and 70% have made the Galilee their home. And, thanks to the program's success, there are now even more jobs for Tel-Hai graduates, as its reputation for excellence draws more high-tech companies to the region, with industry-leading tech firms opening branches in the area solely due to the growing pipeline of skilled workers.

"The Best for Employment"

Based on the successful model of the Best for Industry program, in 2011 Tel-Hai College joined forces with its philanthropic partners: The Russell Berrie Foundation, The Rashi Foundation and UJIA, to launch Best for Employment, an internship program for students in all college departments. Students perform internships in a wide variety of public, non-profit, and private venues, from biotechnology companies to food factories. New internships are constantly being offered, and past interns have already been hired as permanent employees in a variety of workplaces.