Animal Science, B.Sc.

The study of animal science provides a wide base of knowledge in the biology and technology of animal care. This opens the door to diverse professional fields, such as wildlife conservation, animal research, the raising of exotic pets and animals for sport or therapeutic work, the development and marketing of equipment or food for domestic animals and pets, and work in zoos and other frameworks, in which animals in danger of extinction are raised, and where educational activities about animals take place. The program also offers an excellent foundation for continued studies in veterinary science, in Israel or abroad. Graduates may also serve as assistants to veterinarians.

The Academic Curriculum

First-year students study basic courses in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics, as well as zoology, histology, embryology, Israeli fauna, and more. In the subsequent two years of study, they continue on to advanced scientific courses in biochemistry, microbiology, and others, as well as specialized courses such as animal nutrition, comparative physiology of animals, and bioethics. In their final year, students write an advanced seminar paper and plan and implement scientific experiments, while taking part in elective courses that include veterinary anatomy, animal evolution, veterinary anatomy, fish biotechnology, primatology, zoo management.