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Computer Science, M.Sc.

Computer Science, M.Sc.

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or Computer Engineering (B.A. or B.Sc.), who completed their undergraduate studies with an average of at least 80, will be admitted to the program. A limited number of candidates may be accepted with an average of 78-80, and their acceptance will be conditional.

Bachelor’s degree graduates in programs close to computer science (exact sciences, engineering), who meet the grade averages detailed above, can be accepted to the program conditionally and they must complete courses as detailed below during their first year of studies. The duration of studies for these students in the program, including a year of prerequisites, will be three years.

The curriculum offers courses in a variety of computer science subjects. Elective courses in the program are divided into three groups:

Group 1: Computational learning and signal processing.

Group 2: Algorithms and software.

Group 3: Computer science theory.

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