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Computer Science, B.Sc.

Computer Science, B.Sc.

The Department of Computer Science at Tel-Hai College provides students with the theoretical and practical tools required for rapid integration into a variety of key roles in the hi-tech industry. The unique curriculum includes specialization in the most up-to-date, sought after subjects in the Computer Science field, such as software development, voice signal, music and photo processing, computer communication, internet programming, algorithms, and computer and communications security.




In the 2nd and 3rd academic year, students can choose to specialize in two areas: 

Software development – studying programming languages in advanced development environments, computer communication, software engineering, operating systems, programming in internet environments, information systems and information security.

Signal Processing – specialization in compression processing of voice and music signals, and processing and compression of photos and video, in addition to a wide, professional base in computer and software science.

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