Academic Excellence Combined with Social Responsibility

From biotechnology to psychology to computer science, Tel-Hai College's undergraduate and graduate degree offerings are the equal of any university in Israel. Tel-Hai constantly strives to introduce new programs of study that match the changing needs of students and of Israel's dynamic society. Our nationwide reputation for academic excellence and personalized learning has made it one of the fastest growing colleges in the country, with over 3,600 students enrolled in our academic programs. One aspect of Tel-Hai’s unique approach to higher education is to involve students in outreach to the community. Community service and volunteerism play a central role, with field studies and interaction introduced to students from day one. Throughout the year students and faculty participate in well over 100  projects in around 30 communities.

At Tel-Hai, academic excellence and professional development go hand-in-hand with a commitment to the broader community. Service and volunteering play a central role in our academic programs, with students and faculty participating in well over 100 community projects every year, enriching both their own education and the world around them.

Through its "Best for Industry" and "Best for Employment" programs, Tel-Hai has pioneered the integration of practical, hands-on experience into college studies, providing students with valuable skills and knowledge and invigorating the local economy with youthful energy and ideas. These specially designed internships with local businesses and service organizations are reversing the "brain drain" of talent from the region and drawing high-tech companies to the Galilee with the promise of highly motivated student trainees and a growing pipeline of skilled graduates to employ.